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LoReignga is an experienced friendly studio cat being in the business for some decades now. He has worked as a successful mixer, respected producer, imaginative songwriter and composer in his own former studios for a long time. LoReignga had successful releases of his own and his client’s music not only in Germany but even in the rest of Europe. Expect that he has seen it all – twice.
He is always busy with his hands not only on a computer keyboard to squeeze out the best of the most sophisticated softwares but also on the guitar, bass, various keyboards and even of drum programming he knows a thing or two. You will have an exceptional listening experience from his music. Why? Well, he intensively trained his very personal treatment of mastering for over 5 years and has an outstanding way of doing it now which results in his very special wall of sound that stands out.
For his newest 16 tracks of his project “Step for Step” LoReignga was looking for an exceptional interesting female voice and found it in 22 year old Talia as his singer. This Tel Aviv born beauty gave the production the outstanding twist that it needed. As LoReignga still stays in Germany and Talia is living, working and producing in Bristol, both worked together over the Internet. They interacted like they were magically synched to each other which resulted in a fantastic bundle of great tracks.
LoReignga would describe the production itself as “Impulsive Pop Music for Energetic People” or “The Final Return of the 80ths Pop Sound with some Electronic Trance flavor”. Simply put it is Pop music in the style of Taylor Swift, Madonna or Santigold produced in 2017.
Pop has always had and will always have its place in the music scene.
“Step for step” has its place too.
Give it a shot.

Talia on stage in Bristol, where she is living


LoReignga produced 16 new tracks and could win Talia to sing on them. She did an extraoridnary good job reminding people of lovely Taylor Swift, legendary Madonna or the great Marilyn Monroe.

LoReignga in Action


"That´s exactly the sound I want!!! Don´t change anything, don´t dare to touch these goddamn knobs!!!

Good Lord, that is Pop, amiright? Howdy ya all!"

"Let me be your girl"


That is the name of the first song coming out of the collaberation between LoReignga and Talia that will be released in May.

Tell me mo´:Boy meets girl?  No, just the other way:)


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